Thursday, 20 January 2011

Booster Cushion Theatre

Booster Cushion Theatre is going to be 21 years old this year. We have had three touring companies over this time and a sister company in Ireland run by our founding associate and friend Franz Shealy.

We have toured throughout the UK and the Emerald Isle from the Shetland Islands all the way to Channel Islands and Cork to Great Yarmouth via Holyhead and Iona.

We estimate to have performed over 4000 times to half a million people. Also in a variety of places from famous theatres, such as Bristol Old Vic and Blackpool Grand. To rep. theatres such as The Millfield Theatre, Adam Smith Theatre and Paisley Town Hall.

Outdoors in forests and parks for example Regents Park, Richmond Park, Epping Forest, Sherwood Forest and Camperdown Park in Dundee with its wonderful 'Flower Festival'. Then there are other places such as under a railway arch on the Isle Of Dogs, London in the pouring rain (August, of course).

We have also worked in the Elephant House in London Zoo and hospitals in Scotland and England and a variety of marquees and tents in the Midlands and beyond. We have never visited hospitals on account of elephants or tempoary housing problems.

Nearly half of all our performances have been for schools and educational institutions. Primary schools of 500 down to 8 pupils reaching to Middle schools with 750 on the roll. Special schools all over the UK including the Scope Boarding School and the RNID School in Margate. Nursery schools in Churches and purpose built sites plus loads of Sure Start and Children Centers as they sprouted up.

Then there have been the delightful Literature and Book Festivals. Some run by charities and others coordinated by Library services. The List goes on and on. 

The variety of people we have met has been fantastic and the responses to the productions have been wonderful. So a big thank you to all our followers and associates out there.

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