Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Carol @ Brettenham Primary School

On Tuesday 10th December, Booster Cushion Theatre visited Brettenham Primary School with A Christmas Carol.

We had a great first show in the morning with Years 3 and 4, with 2 Cratchits, a lot of humbugs, and a very loud shout at the ghost of Christmas future! 

Our second show was just as fun with Years 5 and 6. Fitting in with Year 6's curriculum we made sure to be as scary as possible! 

"It's money that matters isn't it Teddy, money money money"

The scary ghost of Christmas future visits Brettenham Primary!

Marley not so snobby anymore warning Scrooge.

Scrooge hugs his teddy while doorbells go off.

We hope to see Brettenham Primary again and the Year 6's found our children's theatre version of A Christmas Carol helpful! 

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